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My name is Joseph Bonaparte Jr. and this is my Biography, as God gives me utterance.

I was born my first birth on March 31, 1961 in Savannah, Georgia. I was so little, they carried me around on a pillow for six months. They nick named me Skeater, like a mosquito. Funny huh? I was brought up in church school and church (Seventh Day Adventist). I was raised by my grandmother, Lucille, and my aunt Eunice. My father was in prison and my mother lived in New York City. I kind of grew up like a loner, except for my cousin Georgette and Laura, but they were girls and I still loved them like my own sisters. See, I was the only child from my mother and father, and I had no brothers or sisters. So now you know why I felt alone.

Brother Joe  singing in church.

I think I was molested as a child but my memory from so long ago is shaky. I was raised a very strict childhood and I received many beatings. I thought this was the worst thing in the world. Now that I'm older, I thank God for those beatings. I grew up thinking the world owed me a lot of love, since I didn't get any love as a child. I blamed everything bad that happened to me in my life on everyone else, because I couldn't do anything wrong or so I believed. I dropped out of high school and joined the Navy. There I honed my skills of how to drink, smoke marijuana, snort a little cocaine, and smoke cigarettes. I also learned how to be a womanizer. I picked up a lot of bad habits in the Navy. I went AWOL all the time and ended up with a bad conduct discharge.

After the military, I thought life was still owed to me, so I lived it up partying all the time. I had no responsibilities what so ever. When my child was born, I was too selfish to be a father to him. I did try to reconcile with him but in God's timing not mine. I got married in 1987 and separated in 1987. I also began smoking crack in 1987. This is where my life took a turn for the worst. For ten years I was in and out of prison, drug addicted, sexually perverted, and homeless. I had to beg and sleep on the streets. Whatever it took for me to get more crack cocaine, I would do it. I even stole from my mother after seeing her for the first time.

I rededicated my life to the Lord and asked him to help me, because I know that He created me to do specific work for Him. I didn't want to live the way that I was living anymore. God heard my cry and rescued me. I started in a Christian program called Anchor House and discovered that God had called me to the music ministry. I think it was at this time that God took me into the wilderness to shape me and mold me to become what He wanted me to be. I fell down many times since 1997, but God always helped me to get back up again. Now my walk with the Lord is maturing, as I hold on to Him.

He restored my marriage in 2001 and then I met my dear brothers Whisper, Prodigal, and Deacon Giles in 2002. Since that time I have had some storms, but God is still the head of my life. I've never been as free in my life as I am now. So as 2005 rolls on, I encourage you to strengthen your relationship with God on a daily basis. Pray that you and I always live up to the name, Street Christians, Fulfillment, New Praise, in everything we do. God bless you always.

Brother Joes Music from
 "The Quiet Story"
 "Street Christians"


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