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CrossFire Records was orchestrated and inspired by God. The vision was given to Whisper, while being incarcerated at Groveland Correctional Facility. Upon release, Whisper was a member of Fulfillment Entertainment, a Gospel Rap Duo, consisting of Prodigal and Whisper. The two of them released their debut album Sonz of Thunda, which was a big success for the Gospel Rappers and an eye opener for the people.

Whisper and Prodigal eventually went on to carry out their individual projects and dreams within the ministry. Whisper created his own business, CrossFire Records, while Prodigal created his own business, P-Dot Productions.

CrossFire Records mission is to show the love of Jesus Christ to one and all, esteeming neither one greater, nor higher than the other. We seek to attract Gospel lovers from all angles of life, as well as those who have a concern for the people and a message in their voice.

CrossFire Records doesn't judge, as the spirit will judge with full discernment the deeds of others. We keep it real at CrossFire Records and we keep it street, because if the saved are saving the saved, who is getting saved? Jesus told the disciples; Go out and preach unto (all) the nations - Matthew 28:19. This is what CrossFire Records is here for, to lead by example.


Whisper - CEO of CrossFire Records

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2005 Best CD

CrossFire Records released their first compilation CD in early spring of 2005. The CD "Street Christians" titled "Fulfillment" was submitted in May for the Syracuse Sammy Awards. Street Christians won 1st place for their effort in the Hip Hop/Rap category. The Syracuse New Times has the full article.

CrossFire Records mission, along with its Artists, is to spread the good word of Jesus Christ, for He is guiding us through His will. As we continue to grow as a company, our hope with the guidance of our Lord, that you will join us in our endeavor to help spread the Will of God.

Archived Website

Below are a couple of snap shots of Whisper's former partnership with Fulfillment Entertainment.

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Old Fulfillment Entertainment Web page

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Whisper and Prodigal's first CD reviewed
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