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Whisper in the park.

As long as I can remember, I always saw myself performing on stage. I was born in Jamaica Queens, NY. My father left my mother while I was being born, so I had other influences to my manhood. I developed a bone for music at the age of five years old and as I began to grow older it became clear to me, that I wouldn't make it out of the hood to fulfill my dreams.

My mother lost one of her lungs to chronicle asthma and had to quit her day job, so I looked to the streets. My neighborhood was full of drugs and eventually I started carrying them at the age of eleven. By the age of fifteen, I was a dealer. I attended Andrew Jackson High School and my first semester there, I was sent upstate for two ounces of cocaine.

I lost a lot of friends to street life. I was married at the age of eighteen and destroyed my marriage. I became an alcoholic and depressed. I've been shot at and beaten half to death with a crow bar and gun. I went to jail in 1999 for three years. While I was there, I met Prodigal at a Bible study class. When we were released, we came home and formed Fulfillment Entertainment.

Whispers Music from
 "The War has Begun"
 "The Quiet Story"
 "Street Christians"

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