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Fred Perry JR, known as the "Universal Soldier", started his music career back in 1999, at the age of fifteen. When he hooked up with Christian artist Jeremiah Rhea from Watertown, New York, Jeremiah had released his album "Biblical Poetry". Junior and Jeremiah performed all over the Watertown area before splitting up and going their separate ways. Junior then joined a band called Hallowed. He was the singer for the band and did quite a few shows with them before moving onward with his career.

Junior had ventured to a Juneteenth event and met two Christian rap groups Fulfillment and New Praise. Junior performed at his first event a few months later at the Jubilee Park in front of more than four hundred people. Junior, shortly after, joined the New Praise group and did many events with them. Junior released a few singles and did many collaborations with other artists and groups, but didn't release his own album, until 2005.

Universal Soldier outdoors.

In 2005, Junior met up with the CEO of CrossFire Records and members of the Christian rap group Fulfillment. Whisper, had helped Junior on his first album "Walk By Faith". "Walk By Faith" was a big hit and sold over eight hundred copies, in the first three months of its release. Junior also appeared on CrossFire radio, in which he was able to speak about his vision and have his top hit song "Walk By Faith" played.

New Praise and Junior did solo projects for a year and a half, before starting his own label "Universal Ministries". Junior contacted Whisper and they combined their label and Junior went under Crossfire Records. Junior and Whisper have performed many times together. They attended a large benefit where they performed in front of nearly fifteen hundred people. The benefit rose over $5000.00. Junior has been to other cities around the country, representing the gospel. They have also connected with other artists from Utica, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Buffalo, NY, South and North Carolina, and numerous other venues.

Juniors second album is to be released soon, it's called "Sons Of The Most High" featuring artists from the labels DKP and Demonslayer. CrossFire Records has gone to win the Syracuse Sammy Awards and also the best recording and label award. They have performed at the Buzz Fest, which was for the best Artist in Syracuse and they are considering on making it an annual event. Junior and Whisper, a dynamic duo. Look for them, as they hit the battlefield and take back what belongs to them. 

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