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All praises be to the most high God of Heaven and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My life is a living testimony of God's love and mercy. Who so ever calls upon his name shall be saved. I am called to commission God's people as a servant of Jesus Christ, to preach the good news to the Jews and Gentiles, male or female and rich or poor. His mission was that of servant, so must my mission be one, of the time.

I do not glorify myself, I will glorify Jesus for the right reasons, to whomever it may concern. Jesus is Lord.

p.s. Love God and Life!
Jesus is Love and God is Love
No love ,No God for life eternal
Is One God, one Love, one eternal Life!!!

Eat this scroll
Ezekial Chapter 2 and 3

Road Pastor in front of the entrance of a church.



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